New Excipients for Solving Amorphous Formulation Problems – Part 2

At AAPS PharmSci 360, Improved Pharma found another exciting excipient for use in formulation. Like when SSCI was started, Improved Pharma was able to make several contacts at the AAPS meeting that will advance its problem-solving capabilities. One such advanced strategy is the utilization of calcium carbonate as an excipient to enhance dissolution. The excipient Read more

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New Excipients for Solving Amorphous Formulation Problems – Part 1

At AAPS PharmSci 360 it was clear that new excipients could be utilized to innovatively solve a range of amorphous dispersion/formulation problems. These new excipients provide significant strategy advances over conventional approaches and although our Improved Pharma scientists utilized a number of novel approaches to prepare amorphous dispersions while at SSCI, these new excipients provide Read more

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Improved Pharma Announces Abuse Deterrence Testing

DOWNLOAD THIS WHITE PAPER AS A PDF BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK The abuse and misuse of prescription opioid products is a serious and growing public health problem. Opioid products are often manipulated to bypass extended-release (ER) properties. As such, the FDA is encouraging the development of opioid formulations that are more difficult to abuse Read more

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Humidity Effects on Amorphous Pharmaceuticals

Smith1, C.J. Benmore2, J.K.R. Weber2,3 and S.R. Byrn1. 1) Improved Pharma, West Lafayette, IN 47906, USA 2) X-Ray Science Division, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439, USA 3) Materials Development, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL 60004, USA The kinetics and disorder of hydration (or dehydration) of pharmaceutical hydrates is of the utmost importance Read more

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Detecting Differences In Formulations

As changes are made to the manufacturing process during drug development, it is often necessary to ensure that a drug or drug product made in a new way is the same as the material produced using the original methods. These equivalence studies often focus on chemical or physical properties and are relatively straight-forward for well-defined, Read more

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Structure of Amorphous Materials – Structure Determination Service

One of the most critical parts of drug discovery and development is identifying the structure of the drug substance and drug product. For crystalline materials and biologicals it is routine to determine the arrangement of covalent bonds in the drug substance and drug product and the structure of the solid forms of the drug substance. Read more

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AAPS Poster – Presented at AAPS

Non-crystalline phases such as amorphous states can lead to increased solubility for drugs.  However, amorphous materials are notoriously unstable and tend to crystallize over time.  As such, many amorphous materials are created in a dispersion with a polymer to increase their physical stability.  X-ray powder diffraction patterns of amorphous materials are broad and not useful Read more

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Drug Delivery Device Summit Presentation

Current approaches to accelerated drug development typically involve parallel track activities utilizing sophisticated project management capabilities.  Improved Pharma has developed a strategy that continues to utilize these project management tools but in addition utilizes predictive tools based on structure analysis of formulations and anticipation of major instabilities of formulations by assessing formulation risk.  Orphan drugs Read more

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Book: Solid State Properties of Pharmaceutical Materials

Dr. Stephen Byrn and his co-authors have published an updated and thorough textbook focused on solid-state properties of pharmaceutical materials.  Building off of his first textbook, Solid-State Chemistry of Drugs, this newest publication brings together solid-state chemistry, key analytical techniques, critical physical attributes, and a strategic approach for selecting and producing the correct form.  With Read more

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