Abuse deterrent (or deterrence) testing is an important component of addressing the serious and growing public health problem of abuse and misuse of prescription products.  We provide independent, non-biased testing conducted by experts especially for abuse deterrent formulations using real-world methodologies.  Our three main areas of focus are:

Pseudoephedrine Formulations

  1. API extractability
    • Multiple methods
  2. Conversion to methamphetamine
    • HI/P
    • Lithium in ammonia
    • “One-pot”

Opioid Formulations

  1. Evaluation of intact and adulterated formulations
    • Dissolution testing
    • Tablet hardness
    • Crushability
    • Syringeability/viscosity
    • Vaporization
    • Particle size analysis
    • Extractability

Other Controlled Substances Formulations

  1. Formulation-specific evaluations

For more information about some of our capabilities, please see our recent announcement under the Publications section. We have significant experience in evaluating abuse deterrent formulations using real-world methodologies. We also offer all the techniques necessary to fully assess a new formulation’s performance and can act as an independent test source for new products. In addition to dissolution testing, we offer tablet hardness, crushablility, syringeability/viscosity, vaporization, particle size analysis, and extractability. We can also assist with formulation design.

To learn more, please contact us at info@improvedpharma.com.