Improved Pharma provides a range of problem solving and information services based on the extensive experience of its scientists.


Improved Pharma has extensive experience solving stability, screening, crystallization, polymorphism, formulation and particle size problems. Improved Pharma prepares protocols to address these types of problems and has collectively over 60 years’ experience in working on these types of problems. Solving formulation problems is a particularly strong expertise of Improved Pharma as is solving crystallization and polymorphism problems.

Intellectual Property

Improved Pharma has collectively over 38 years’ experience in intellectual property matters including litigation, providing scientific support for claims, reproduction of claimed procedures, and analysis of materials. Improved Pharma also has developed skills in strategy and approaches to innovation.

Regulatory Information

Improved Pharma has collectively over 60 years of regulatory experience. Improved Pharma scientists have served on the USP, the FDA Pharmaceutical Sciences Advisory Committee, as special government employees for the FDA, and taught courses at the FDA as well as collaborated with the FDA to teach the first FDA course in Africa. Improved Pharma can provide specific information on development reports, quality overall summaries and methods development as well as more strategic regulatory reports.

Short courses, Webinars, and Books

Improved Pharma provides a range of short courses and webinars based on the recently published book: Solid State Properties of Pharmaceutical Materials by Stephen R. Byrn, George Zografi, and Xiaoming (Sean) Chen, John Wiley, and Sons, Hoboken, NJ 2017. Improved Pharma can provide in-house short courses as well as webinars and on-line instruction.

Solving Pharmaceutical Problems

We are a research and information company dedicated to improving pharmaceutical methods, formulations, and processes.

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