Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) offer an exciting approach to drug delivery:

  • Targeted delivery
  • Improved solubility
  • Controlled release

Abraxane, Doxil, and Ambisome show the advantages of SLN.

Improved Pharma offers a suite of methods for the analysis of SLN:

These methods provide information on the structure of the SLN and improve our understanding of the role that various lipid components play in the nanoparticle composition. This information can lead to improved products and patents on new compositions.  An interesting open-source article about SLN formulations describes how DCS and XRPD are used (see Fig 4).

Improved Pharma also provides preparation services and uses design of experiments to optimize SLN preparations using the methods described above. These services also include accelerated development strategies to speed SLNs to market.