Pharmaceutical materials can be amorphous, crystalline, mesophases (intermediate states between crystalline and amorphous), or complex mixtures. X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) is a pivotal technique for distinguishing these forms. An amorphous material, lacking long-range order, will display a diffuse X-ray diffraction pattern. In contrast, a crystalline solid’s ordered structure results in a distinct diffraction pattern, characterized by sharp peaks at specific diffraction angles. XRPD serves as a key method for identifying the crystalline forms of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), such as polymorphs, solvates, hydrates, salts, and cocrystals, with each form offering a unique “fingerprint” (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Comparison of XRPD patterns for two different crystalline forms and an amorphous form.

XRPD is instrumental in characterizing pharmaceutical materials for:

  1. Discriminating between crystalline and amorphous materials.
  2. Evaluating the degree of crystallinity and its impact on drug performance.
  3. Differentiating various crystal forms of a compound.
  4. Confirming sample uniformity in crystal form.
  5. Investigating phase transformations like dehydration, hydration, polymorph conversion, and crystallization from amorphous states.
  6. Quantifying the proportions of different forms within a sample.
  7. Determining crystal structures directly from powder samples.
  8. Analyzing amorphous materials through PDF (pair distribution function) analysis.

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Figure 2. Improved Pharma’s diffractometer