Improved Pharma is presenting their research on all three days of the AAPS conference. On Monday October 17th at 2:30 pm, please visit monitor #31 in forum 6. Ms. Ruba Alajlouni will present “Feasibility of Synchrotron XRD for the analysis of mixture sub-samples.” She will share results demonstrating the effective utilization of synchrotron XRD (SXRD) for the analysis of mixtures.

On Tuesday, Improved Pharma has two posters presented concurrently at 2:30 pm in forum 8 (monitor numbers 45 and 46). Dr. Susan-Bogdanowich-Knipp, President of Ravine Pharmaceuticals and Consultant with Improved Pharma, will present “Green Chemistry Initiative for Formulating, Pressing and Evaluating Tablets in Low-Resource Settings.” She will describe how ingredients found in an African grocery store were used to make wet granulations and hand-pressed into tablets that were assessed via friability and disintegration times.

Dr. Pamela Smith, COO of Improved Pharma, will present “Using Raman Mapping to Detect and Identify Challenging Degradation Products and Complex Drug-Drug Interactions in a Tablet.” Raman mapping results collected on an expired tablet will be presented. Peak height ratio profiles and spectral subtractions were used to locate and identify degradation products in very low amounts that would not be detectable if a bulk Raman technique was used.

On Wednesday, please attend our Rapid Fire presentation at 3:15 in 205 C. Mr. Stephan Parent will present “Pharmaceutical Experiments for Microgravity.” The presentation will provide a brief overview of the advantages of executing pharmaceutical experiments in microgravity over corresponding land-based methods. Featured will be research into melt/quench hardware that resulted in the discovery of form III of ritonavir. Improved Pharma is also designing and testing hardware that will provide antisolvent crystallization and evaporation capabilities in microgravity. This presentation will focus on the solid-state chemistry whereas Varda Space Industries will present efforts focused on the hardware. Varda’s presentation “Development of Reentry Vehicles and Payloads for In-Orbit drug Development” is on Tuesday at 3:15 in form 205 AB.