On Monday, November 14, Dr. Dale K. Purcell, President of Chemical Microscopy and consultant with Improved Pharma, will present an invited speaker “Unsafe Pharmaceuticals: Fake or Counterfeit” in the POWERHOUSE SESSION: Challenges of Counterfeit Detection in Pharmaceutical Industry.  The need to combat counterfeiting pharmaceutical drugs, the pharmaceutical packaging sector has largely implemented advanced package labeling technologies.  Package labeling, however, is only effective if the pharmaceutical packaging is made obviously tamper resistant or drugs are not repackaged. On-drug/In-drug labeling may be implemented to increase pharmaceutical counterfeit drug detection.  The advances in micromaterials and nanomaterials may soon become protective markers for labeling solid-state capsules and tablets, and some liquid formulations.  The presentation will discuss several developing technological advances in encryption printing, etching, barcoding, microscopic tags, nanoscopic tags, and their implementation to advance pharmaceutical drug safety.



Challenges of Counterfeit Detection in Pharmaceutical Industry

Chairs: Pauline Leary, NOBLE, Kim Huynh-Ba, Pharmalytik, LLC

1:30pm Analytical and Operational Challenges in Counterfeit Case Studies, Ravi Kalyanaraman, Bristol Myers Squibb
2:00pm Micoscopical Analysis Applied to the Detection and Sourcing of Counterfeit Products, Christopher Palenik, Microtrace LLC
2:30pm Break
3:00pm Unsafe Pharmaceuticals:  Fake or Counterfeit, Dale Purcell, Chemical Microscopy, LLC
3:30pm Panel Discussion



Unsafe medicines are a fundamental patient safety, public health, and a global security problem. Formidable challenges impede protecting the medication supply chain in the United States and around the world. In this presentation, we will discuss recent advances in materials-based microscale and nanoscale anti-counterfeiting technologies for both drug package labeling and in-drug product labeling. Analytical authentication technologies with emphasis on microscopy, chemical microspectroscopy and nanospectroscopy are considered the most effective methods to identify both active pharmaceutical ingredients and impurities in genuine and counterfeit drugs.


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