May is speed month here in Indiana, home of the Indy 500.  Improved Pharma is celebrating speed month by highlighting services that help you speed your drug development and reduce time to market.  Importantly, it is Improved Pharma’s expertise and scientific knowledge that is the key to faster, cheaper drug development.  We have a range of offerings to help you develop your drug faster, smarter, and better:

  • Speed dispersion screening – a fast way to determine the best dispersion for your compound
  • Speed sameness testing – verify the sameness of formulations and API prepared in different ways
  • Speed salt screening – find the best salt and strongest intellectual property
  • Speed co-amorphous screening – quickly find the best co-amorphous system
  • Speed SXPDF (synchrotron X-ray pair distribution function) analysis – determine important structural features of your amorphous dispersion
  • Speed synchrotron testing – detect crystallization at the lowest possible levels

 Contact us to learn how speed month at Improved Pharma can help you.