In response to growing demands for services, Improved Pharma, LLC is pleased to announce a collaboration with Dr. Dale K. Purcell of Chemical Microscopy, LLC to provide services related to microscopy and microspectroscopy to Improved Pharma clients. With this collaboration comes the acquisition of HORIBA’s Xplora Series Raman MicroscopeRaman mapping is a powerful technique used to fully characterize pharmaceutical products. Improved Pharma routinely uses Raman mapping in investigations of patent infringement, detection of low levels of impurities, and trouble-shooting of failed product performance. The new Raman microscope offers two great advantages over other Raman microscopes: speed and focus control. Maps of tablets can be collected in minutes rather than hours. The built-in Z-focus automatically brings into focus each pixel of the map prior to data collection, which provides greatly improved spectral results and an overall higher resolution map.

Both Improved Pharma and Chemical Microscopy have laboratory space in the Kurz Purdue Technology Center in the Purdue Research Park, which facilitates collaboration. Projects move easily from lab to lab, with confidentiality agreements fully in place and sample security ensured by locked safes. Scientists at each company work seamlessly together, delivering value to our clients.

Pamela Smith, COO of Improved Pharma, states “My background is in FTIR and Raman microscopy, so I fully appreciate Dr. Purcell’s decades of experience, extensive array of instrumentation, and high level of problem-solving capability. I am thrilled to now have access to a highly respected leader in the field to help us better serve our growing client base.”

For more information, please contact Improved Pharma.