At AAPS PharmSci 360, Improved Pharma found another exciting excipient for use in formulation. Like when SSCI was started, Improved Pharma was able to make several contacts at the AAPS meeting that will advance its problem-solving capabilities. One such advanced strategy is the utilization of calcium carbonate as an excipient to enhance dissolution. The excipient supplier, Biddle Sawyer, introduced the calcium carbonate excipient produced by Omya Pharma, a division of a Swiss materials supplier. This product can be impregnated with drugs and act as a carrier as shown in the diagram on the right. In this way the molecules of the drug are separated from each other and can exist as a molecular dispersion in the calcium carbonate. Studies of the release profile of curcumin prepared in this material showed enhanced dissolution. In addition, the calcium carbonate material stabilized atorvastatin calcium against chemical degradation. Further, a 1974 US patent (4,035,257) featured spray-dried calcium carbonate-containing granules, showing that this method of manufacture is possible. Additionally, calcium carbonate materials are important excipient for ODTs. In closing, Improved Pharma is excited to utilize calcium carbonate by Omya to provide new approaches to solve formulation problems and prepare highly soluble products.