Improved Pharma is pleased to announce expanded capabilities with the addition of an in-house SGA-100 DVS. DVS is very useful in understanding if material is hygroscopic, and subsequently if it will lose the adsorbed water, or if material is deliquescent. In addition, DVS can aid in the identification of potential hydrates, which may be problematic during drug development. Understanding the impact of moisture on an API can be critical, particularly when wet granulations are required or where manufacturing may be carried out in humid environments.

“The acquisition of a DVS instrument completes our suite of water determination capabilities,” states Dr. Pam Smith, COO of Improved Pharma. “Understanding the hygroscopic nature of materials is key to helping our clients develop their compounds into life-saving products.”

The VTI Corp. SGA-100 complements Improved Pharma’s other water determination capabilities, which already include a MT Coulometric Karl Fischer titrator/Stromboli oven sample changer and an Ohaus MB120 Moisture Determination Balance for loss on drying measurements. Hygroscopicity measurement is a valuable component of the current suite of analytical instruments used during fit-for-purpose polymorph, salt, and co-crystal screens, formulation support and design, monitoring stability, and litigation support.