Improved Pharma is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Stephan Parent of Solsta Consulting, LLC. Stephan Parent has more than two decades of solid-state chemistry experience in numerous scientific and management roles. As an expert who specializes in both early and late stage pharmaceutical development and assists in intellectual property protection, Stephan has successfully helped develop more than 400 active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and published more than 50 patents and patent applications on crystallization engineering and solid form science.

His work encompasses polymorph, salt, and cocrystal screening, crystallization process development and optimization, chiral resolution through salt screening, solid-state characterization, and ternary phase diagram development. Stephan received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. Currently, as the founder and owner of Solsta Consulting LLC, Stephan provides consulting services to clients in the pharmaceutical and natural product industry.

Stephan Parent of Solsta Consulting LLC says: “Together with Improved Pharma, our efforts and knowledge will help clients develop pharmaceutical products that will improve lives. I am excited to join Improved Pharma to achieve this objective.”