Dale Purcell, Ph.D., president of Chemical Microscopy and consultant with Improved Pharma, will be teaching a microscopy sample preparation course at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. The course will be a hybrid course including aspects of sample preparation as well as advanced polarized light microscopy (PLM) techniques. Special topics that will be covered include: polarized light interactions with matter, anisotropy, extinction, thickness versus optical path difference, sign of elongation, interference figures, pleochroism, Becke line, relative refractive indices, and analyses of glass, fibers, animal and human hair, and polymer films. The course is intended to be for laboratory instructors, who will then impart their knowledge to students at the university. Says Dr. Purcell, “As scientists, we are always looking for ways to share knowledge and advance the field. Microscopy is a field that requires extensive practice and training, and I’m pleased to be able to participate in this educational opportunity.” The course runs from Dec 13th through the 17th.

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About Chemical Microscopy:
Chemical Microscopy is a materials research and analysis company specializing in the identification, classification, and characterization of small quantities, unknown or foreign substances, using light microscopy, electron microscopy, microspectroscopy, and microchemistry in the pharmaceutical and other industries. The company was founded in 2011.

About Improved Pharma
Improved Pharma is a research, consulting, and information company dedicated to improving pharmaceutical methods, formulations, and processes. Services include solid-state form studies, formulation design, synchrotron techniques, analytical testing, and expert consulting for the development and defense of intellectual property matters. The company was founded in 2006 by Stephen and Sarah Byrn, who also founded SSCI.