Professor Simon Billinge of Columbia University and Improved Pharma have established a collaboration agreement to provide Synchrotron services to the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical developers in a seamless manner. This collaboration will greatly simplify business linkages to Professor Billinge’s program. In many cases Improved Pharma will collect data at Professor Billinge’s direction and he will interpret the data. Improved Pharma through its experienced scientists, especially Dr. Pam Smith, COO, can also provide additional data analysis, if appropriate. Further, Improved Pharma has the necessary agreements to collect proprietary data at Argonne National Laboratory and is in the process of obtaining similar agreements with Brookhaven National Laboratory. Professor Billinge along with Takeshi Egami wrote one of the first books on Pair Distribution Functions and total scattering analysis entitled “Underneath the Bragg Peaks: Structural Analysis of Complex Materials”. Professor Billinge has also received many awards including a Fulbright Scholarship and an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship. He is also a Fellow of the American Physical Society, editor of Acta. Cryst., and was recognized as one of Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Top-10 Science Successes of 2016 for contributions in advanced data analytics of PDF analysis of X-ray scattering data. He has developed several important software programs for analyzing total X-ray scattering including PDFgetX2 and 3. Of specific interest are Professor Billinge’s studies on: (1) Lactose; (2) Fingerprinting pharmaceuticals; and (3) Structure of nanoparticles. To initiate a study contact Professor Billinge ( or Improved Pharma ( We will set up a call and develop a protocol and proceed from there.

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