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Improved Pharma is a research and information company dedicated to improving pharmaceutical methods, formulations, and processes. With a wide range of Synchrotron-based X-ray services available due to its agreements with Argonne National Laboratory and its experience in working there, Improved Pharma can provide critical research studies and information related to:

  • Analytical methods using the most sensitive and precise X-ray methods available
  • Structure analysis of amorphous samples from spray drying and melt extrusion
  • Structure analysis of solvates, hydrates, polymorphs, and liquid crystals produced in polymorph screening including crystal structure from powder diffraction
  • Analytical methods for solids, in general
  • Formulations and accelerated formulation development including improved formulations of existing products
  • Determination of detection limit and amounts of crystalline material in an amorphous formulation
  • Formulation of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors and other poorly soluble compounds
  • Determination of maximum solubility of an amorphous form of a new drug under development
  • Assessment of the Risk of a formulation (typically phase 2 or 3) undergoing crystallization or phase transformation or other unwanted changes at any time including manufacturing scale-up
  • Problem Solving involving formulations failing dissolution or bioavailability or other specifications
  • Intellectual property management
  • Regulatory information
  • Short courses and webinars

Stephen R. Byrn, CSO

Stephen R. Byrn, Ph. D. is Charles B. Jordan Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.  

Dr. Byrn set in motion the development of the field of Solid State Chemistry of Drugs with his books, short courses, and papers on the subject the first of which were first published in the mid-1970’s. He has also educated over 50 Ph. D. students and postdoctoral fellows and taught a wide range of courses at Purdue.  Dr. Byrn has had numerous grants including one of the first 13 NIH Centers for AIDS Research.  Dr. Byrn is cofounder of Purdue’s graduate programs in regulatory and quality compliance.  These programs now constitute the Biotechnology Innovation and Regulatory Science (BIRS) MS program.  He is also cofounder of the Purdue-Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy Sustainable Medicines in Africa project in Moshi, Tanzania.  Dr. Byrn has served as chair of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Advisory Committee to the FDA and chaired several USP committees. Dr. Byrn is also cofounder of SSCI, Inc. (Solid State Chemical Information) a cGMP research and information company.  SSCI, Inc. is now owned by AMRI.  Dr. Byrn has taught a range of courses and short courses involving Medicinal Chemistry, Industrial Pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy, and Solid State Chemistry.  Dr. Byrn is an elected Fellow of the AAPS and has received several awards for his research and entrepreneurial activities including the AAPS David Grant Award for Research Achievement and the AAPS Wurster award in pharmaceutics and formulation.  Dr. Byrn also received the Purdue University Morrill Award.


Pamela A. Smith, COO

Dr. Pamela A. (Martoglio) Smith has joined Improved Pharma as COO.  Dr. Smith was most recently Vice President of Analytical Services for AMRI, where she was responsible for 300 employees at four global sites.  One of those sites included SSCI, the cGMP contract research organization founded by Dr. Steve Byrn and Sally Byrn.  She has a long history with SSCI, having joined it in 1999 as a Research Scientist specializing in vibrational spectroscopy and solid state method development.  When SSCI was acquired by Aptuit in 2006, she assumed P&L responsibility for the analytical division of SSCI.  In 2009, Dr. Smith was asked to become a Lean Six Sigma black belt and she generated over $2M in benefits during her tenure in this role. Eventually, she assumed the role of General Manager for SSCI, where she led the site to record performances for multiple years, culminating in the successful sale of SSCI to AMRI for $36M.  Upon joining Improved Pharma, Dr. Smith states “I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to work once again with the Byrns.  Steve is a highly respected leader in his field, and I am confident that Improved Pharma will be another successful endeavor.  I’m looking forward to growing the company as we expand upon our offerings with cutting-edge developments in the pharmaceutical development space, and I look forward to working with our clients to help them succeed in their projects.”   


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